I have lost weight in places I never lost before

Francis S. is 72 years old. She had Gastric Bypass surgery at age 60 and lost weight, but it was slowly coming back. The picture below, taken in January 2016, motivated her to do something. She joined the BodEn system in February and in just 3 months has dropped two pant sizes and is showing significant improvement in her medical and orthopedic issues.

Frances S. says: “I have lost weight in places I never lost before. My legs have shown significant changes from the workout and I just feel smaller. The BodEn system is easier than I thought. It has changed my eating habits. I think the key is the combination of foods that I eat keeps me satisfied.”

Maria (Frances’ BodEn Trainer) says: “I have noticed an improvement in Frances’ “fear.” She is no longer afraid of potential pain that a movement could cause or of getting hurt. She tries new things and is confident. She is doing amazing!”


Francis S.