1. It is the real deal

    Chris N. is 51 years old, and began the medical and nutrition parts of the BodEn Fitness System on March 3, 2016. He added physical training sessions beginning in April. As of May 6, Chris has lost 24 pounds and has made significant muscle gains. Chris N. says: “It is the BodEn staff that has made the difference for me. They are a good group of people who are working together to support me. This…Read More

    Chris N.
  2. I spend less time and get better results

    Annie N. is 21 years old. She had been working out and trying to eat healthy, but was not seeing a lot of progress for the amount effort she was exerting. In February 2016, Annie began the BodEn Nutrition plan and also purchased five sessions with a BodEn Certified Personal Trainer, who taught her the BodEn workout. Annie continued the BodEn system workouts on her own and has made major gains in t…Read More

    Annie N.
  3. I have lost weight in places I never lost before

    Francis S. is 72 years old. She had Gastric Bypass surgery at age 60 and lost weight, but it was slowly coming back. The picture below, taken in January 2016, motivated her to do something. She joined the BodEn system in February and in just 3 months has dropped two pant sizes and is showing significant improvement in her medical and orthopedic issues. Frances S. says: “I have lost weight in pla…Read More

    Francis S.
  4. Made It Easy To Get Healthy

    "BodEn Fitness System is a foolproof way to lose weight and get in shape. Having the support of a Personal Trainer with a customized fitness plan designed specifically for me, made it easy to get healthy. The program is simple yet challenging. I have actually found that on the days I don’t workout, I miss it! I have tried other many other weight loss techniques, but now I understand that in orde…Read More

    Kim Pohler
  5. Highly Recommend To Anyone

    *Boden training took my strength and muscle building to a new level. With muscle confusion and Jordan there to push me to do my best, I saw a very quick increase with my strength and endurance. I also noticed a significant increase in my mass and went from 180 lbs to 194 lbs in 6 weeks*. Boden training is in its own category of weight training and I highly recommend it to anyone.…Read More

    Ryan Jewel
  6. Knowledge Is Power

    *This program has empowered me to make lifestyle changes by teaching me the tools that have positively impacted my life in numerous ways far beyond just the physical. This program helped me to develop healthy habits and routines that have led to an overall better me. Knowledge is power, so take the power and apply it to your life, the results are amazing and your life will be too.…Read More

    Brandi Petersen